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  • William Kiwanuka


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    Life is what you make it taking into account external influence over which one may not have impact like bad leadership.

    October 1, 2008





  • About Me

    • Such Music which educates people about their rights and how they can go about in dealing with those who take them for granted, hence still their resources, those who are outright corrupt.

    • Those which educate our people about Good Governance issues which is the reason they are poor and backward.

    • Such programs which promote good governance and how people can co-exist in harmony though with different political affiliation and such programmes which keep telling our leaders that they should leave office in peace and not wait to be pushed all the time.

    • Those on Good Governance issues for instance talking about Gorruption as an Insidious plague. "Corruption is an insidious plague that has a wide range of Corrosive effects on societies. It undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life, and allows organised crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish... Corruption hurts the poor disproportionately ... by diverting funds intended for development, undermining a government's ability to provide basic services, feeding inequality and injustice, and discouraging foreign investment and aid. Corruption is a key element in economic under-performance and a major obstacle to poverty alleviation and development."

    • Debates on politics.

    • Anything which is for the promotion of good governance hence the welfare of the people who are impoverished due ti misguided leadership and hence made beggers,though they would otherwise be resourceful people capable of earning decently.

    • I dream of a situation when there will be clean competition for power, and when our people will cease seeing politics as a means of earning and hence resort to productive work instead of exploiting the others for a living. "We all have dreams. We all have hopes. We need to listen and learn from each other to create a better future."

    • We need a Sustainable Democracy: That is through establishing a strong civil society, comprising a diversity of autonomous economic, political, social and cultural institutions, hence providing the indispensable foundation of a sustainable democracy. *Politicians who steal our resources are our worst enemy. * There is need for civic education. Civic education programs help citizens learn about: * the importance of voting and staying informed; * the need to temper partisanship with respect for opposing parties and viewpoints; * the means through which grievances and needs can be brought before elected officials, both directly and through the mass media; * the techniques by which communities can organize themselves to achieve common ends; and * a working, practical knowledge of how their own electoral system, legislature, bureaucracy, local governments, and legal system work.