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    • Everything good really. Jrock, Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Jpop, Rock, Heavy, Metal, Punk, Classical, Pop, Tecno etc..etc.. everythnig !! hide, Marie, XJapan, GACKT, Lm.c, Miyavi, SCREW, Tsutsuli, D=out, Vistlip, Heisei Ishin, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Hyde, Dir En Grey and just moremoremore...

    • Aice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, Pirats of the Caribians, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, National Treasures, The Lost Boys, Ghost Rider, Cry Baby, Hayao Miyazaki's and many many more......

    • 24, Heartbeat, Pasila,

    • Parapara, singing, songwriting, blogs - yeah these all sometimes feels like sport :D

    • Music, Japan, composing, writing, singing, Asia and languages.

    • Play with the own band one day happily fulltime and do that which i have dreamd about my whole life. Have friends in different countries and learn that japanese finally !! ♥

    • You tell me? Eyes maybe. People say that i sing very well♥ - And that i laughing a lot.. if that is good feature.. :DD

    • Hmm. Good question. hehe Just came and ask. :)


    • I looking member for the new [Visual] band. Good players, open minded ppl, which want to do music from their whole hearts and will be ready to do hard work for the dream and give their 120%. [[Languanges would be big plus, but lyrics will be mostly english]] Just ask more. :)

    • Sparkle-dream and Dance-ParaDaisu [blog's name (dot)]

    • Kikuwawa

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    ~Life is too short to waist, so lets have fun and live our dream~

    February 9, 2010