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  • Stu thx 🎀*Ϩὠɛɛʈəѷə®*🎀

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    June 18, 2007



    English, Indonesia

  • About Me

    • eclectic : really too many to name!

    • I don't have time for movies

    • Doctor Who all the way, but generally I don't watch much TV.

    • I don't read as much as I used to

    • meh!

    • Photography, Graphic Design, Internet/Web Design, Music, Gardening

    • I'm almost there. Doing the job I want, have the spare time I want, have a wonderful and beautiful wife :)

    • Nah, I think I'll avoid this one!

    • I am here for friendship and to play pets only - I am not looking in a love interest.. This means NO KIK, NO SKYPE, NO WHATSAPP!

    • Thanks for your friendship and especially a big thanks to all the people who are regular players on Pets. I know I don't reply to tags or comments but they are ALWAYS appreciated.

    • place porn or inappropriate comments on my profile, they will be deleted and you WILL BE REPORTED

    • message me if your profile contains links to your "hot" images because I'm not interested and I WILL REPORT YOUR PROFILE as a violation of Tagged TOS

    • TRY SPAMMING ME... I don't suffer fools gladly and I tolerate spammers and scammers even less. BE WARNED, stu is my name .. IT'S NOT SHORT FOR STUPID

    • I want to thank everyone for their friendship over the years and to all the people I've played pets with; you're the best :)