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    October 14, 2010



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    • comedy, freaky-hard-psycho,

    • im king - return of juiceboi jons

    • legend of juiceboi jons

    • soccer cricket kung-fu

    • music, science, soccer and girls

    • rule all countries as king of the world, king juiceboi!!

    • Crunk ass, Wild ass, Worldwide ass, 5 ft 10 inched ass, 130 pounded ass, Flexing ass, Flaunting ass, Real ass, treal ass, Drinking ass, 8 packed abs ass, Dreadheaded ass, DJing ass, Super Music producing ass, Tattoed ass, Hard ass, Funny ass, Flossing ass, Serious as fuck ass, Kind ass, Loving ass, Smart ass, True ass, Messed up vision ass, Head bussin Gangsta ass, Hoe ass, Pussy ass, Don Juan piumping ass, Chopper street sweeping ass, Cake and handcuffing ass, Some ol' half ounce selling ass, Some dirty bird moving ass, Sniffin em Cracks n dopes ass, Dealing meths n Cali Chronic ass, Fuck em hos and let 'em know ass, Showin em platinum tooth's ass, Blowing up weight ass, Ruling ass, King ass, Defending rey pride ass .... MAWTHAFUUCKA!!

    • They call me Jons, Its juiceboi. DJ and Super producer. Diplomats Inc, CEO. Juiceboi y jons records, President. Bookin details: call 9841030897,


    • 5'10'' (179c)

    • 130p

    • world

    • independent

    • juiceboi y jons records