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  • King

    A month ago

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    death is coming

    No commitment! Just wanna have fun and enjoy the life!!

    September 17, 2008



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  • About Me

    • Classical music; beethoven, mozart, bach........

    • romantic comedy, action, sci-fi, horror,gore, thriller, epic, history, drama, nationalisme and true story (hate fakers)

    • heroes, kyle xy, Spartacus : Blood & Sand, How I Met Your Mother, The Middle

    • suke baca magazine jekkkk

    • bola sepak, futsal

    • cari kawan ramai2

    • To Be With The Queen Of My Heart Forever And After......InsyaAllah

    • beser jerr...............

    • suker bagi org sakit hati, suker nyakat org, suker - suker jer nak suker (Giler)