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  • JOHN L.


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    Girl... I wanna take you home... sit you in front the fireplace with a bowl of popcorn... and... and... Watch Fresh Prince reruns...

    September 30, 2008





  • About Me

    • Any thing I try to keep an open mind. I'll try anything Twice. I always have the ipod on me i love music.

    • Scary, Comedy, Suspense, Drama anything that's not boring.

    • Don't watch too much but you know the typical BET(videos only cant get down with the reality shows). Dave Chappelle. Wayans Bros. CSI Miami. Discovery Channel. TLC.Food Network. Beavis N Butthead. Robot Chicken. Army Wives(I don't care what ne one says that show good)The Boondocks,Peanuts.Cartoons(yeah cartoons)

    • A lot of different things. Reading is food for the mind and I don't want it to starve. Especially my 6 books... find them on just type in my name John Lacarbiere

    • basketball and football

    • My main things are Poetry,Writing, Ghostwritng, free lance photography, music, shopping,eating, buying Jordan's(my only addiction, I don't smoke r drink) and just chillin.

    • Being able to make every person i meet happy for at least 1 min... And making enough money to where everybody close to me don't have to struggle

    • Personality,Height & voice

    • Poet|SpokenWordArtist|Author|Publisher|MotivationalSpeaker|Activist|Teacher For Booking Contact: Samual Rain (562) 413-7318 New Orleans is home ·