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    'the TWELVE VISIONS S WORLD ' follows the next election of its party affiliation

    June 7, 2009







  • About Me

    • love rock n roll cause it soothes da soul and Pink Floyd is my favorite!

    • not really in too television now a days

    • well now gettting another book tell me rest what needed know on Power of Wealth and the 44 Neo-Think steps of gettin there by mentors brother Eric Salvage...soo thax!!!Finally gettin da Manuscripts too the books that I own< : Well yet another book Pax Neo-Tech by Frank R. Wallace from The Neothink Society

    • The Nouveau Tech Pacckage of Inside Secrets written by Hamilton,Alexandre, Savage & Wallace .Inner-Circle Secrets the Discovery by Mark Hamilton Miss Annabelle's Story by Mark Hamilton

    • Living my life to the fullest being the person that I was meant to be.

    • to be in the "Civilization of the Universe" where the death does not exist!

    • true to my self , believing in my self, honest, sincere, trust worthy, tender hearted and happy go lucky , laid back, country fellow.

    • this my second time bein on tagged and on 28 of July meet this young guy here and he V.I.P. and think he da real deal but still luv all you guys ok!!!