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  • A passenger of sinking boat.


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    As a part of human being , we should try to concentrate on our self and try to do some thing better in social society. (Y A from U S BASE LIBERTY)

    July 1, 2008



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    • National song> ya watan tumara ha tum ho passbana is ka.

    • just wastage of time, because in my opinion that is the time when we should come out of dream and arteficel life because the targets&ambitions of Nations do not rely on dream,till when they don,t fulfill their dream with real act for achieving their goal.

    • Peace T,V.

    • DASTAN IMMAN FARSHOO KI>I RECOMMEND EVERY ONE TO READ THIS BOOK. Andere rath ka masafar>(Naseem hajazi) Mind your manners>(Faz a sayeal) Books of iqbal poetry specially> Armgana hejaz)

    • Hocky , Cricket, Sqash

    • Multiple like> hiking on high mountain, planting,Animals and birds caring, Debate on national interest and history.Study about glorious Islamic history.

    • God bless, Allha bestowed me all his blessing,nothing else for myself.I just want to see the Muslim umma on the peak and as respectable nation in the world.Every Muslim can identify hisself as a followers of Muslim Umma. The aim of my life is to go on streets and raise storms in the heats of people.

    • i want to do some thing best for incomming generation in education sector, i want to spend my time with poor and needy and special people,I urge that i can do something for brotherhood&unity of Muslims.

    • Always be happy,never speak a harsh words because a little words can break a heart or heal it.According to golden Islamic values and rules we can get rid of problemb.