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    May 15, 2009







  • About Me

    • I love it all, really. I love reggae and hip hop to dance to, when I am melancholy I want country, if I want to rest and think then jazz and soul. When I am angry a little rock or rap. It is all about the mood.

    • Dirty Dancing will always be #1, but coming up close are Save the Last Dance and the X-Men movies. Again, all depends on the mood, gushy romance or 'blow 'em up'.

    • A day does not go by without watching a few dead bodies...NCIS, CSI, Ghost Whisperer, 24, Scrubs, Greys Anatomy, Heroes

    • Sappy, cheezy romance novels. Harlequin and I are well aquainted. Though, Tom Clancy has always been entertaining. Long as the guys are hunky and smart and win in the end.

    • Horse Racing. In general equestrian sports of any kind. And I love watching Alan Iverson in action!

    • I like to escape from the world into a book as often as possible. I love to camp and hike. I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, so baking is a great pass time. I love to travel and see cheezy tourist sites. And yes, I am irish and love a night at the bar drinking and dancing, with a little flirting...

    • I just want to be happy and content with myself and my 2 kids. I want a man to share the rest of my life with, doing all the things that make life great, but not unless I am as big a part of his happiness as he is mine. I am tired of not being a priority. My favorite saying has become, 'Never make a man a priority when you are only an option' I think I have finally learned my lesson and will never repeat it. But let that man come along that truely is worth it...!!

    • I have big boobs. It is good when it comes to flirting fun, but try running with the suckers!! And while it is not a physical feature, I think my drive and general happiness is a plus. I have never been the 'hotty' that you can't take your eyes off of, but I have my good points and I am a hell of alot more fun!! I am a thick girl though and while I wouldn't mind shaping up a bit, I will never be considered small, short, but not small. I have long dark red hair that is only physical proof that I have a hot temper. And I am smart, can hold a competent conversation on most topics, even though I am a bit forgetful from time to time.

    • I am Irish American. Raised mostly in the USA on the west coast. I think of Oregon as 'home'. My family and my growing up life was and is insane and we moved all over. I was married and have two kids, 6 and 8. He and I mostly get along, but do much better with plenty of space and few conversations, it is all about the kids. I have fallen in love twice in my life, my ex husband, and then the man I moved to Virginia for. It didn't work out and now I am here making a new life, just me and my kids. I work hard and am ready for some fun.