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    • rnb, reggae, hip hop, soul. culture, etc it all about music

    • musical

    • music video

    • jah bless

    • football

    • music and dancehall

    • to see jahbless international big

    • the love of music and dance

    • The name “JAH - BLESS’’ came from the Dawkins family of five brothers who were born a maximum two years apart from each other. They all grew up in the of town of May Pen, Clarendon. The eldest son was given a nickname 'JAH-JAH’ from the other brothers. We all grew up closely together with one of our other cousin Robert who is the technician and selector. His alias is 'FATTA’. All of us went to the same primary school (Hazzard Primary). At the age of about 10-12 we became very interest in the making of Music and the Sound System.