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Jesus The Son of God casting out His nets


    I thank God for His comforting grace unto me,since starting this group I have losted my second Brother,A father and His twin,aunts,cousins,and friends.To be honest after coming home from my brother homegoing,who was one year older then me,the house was empty,I went on-line to just post some where,but found no active on-line christian group..there were some but most had not been posted in over 6 months or longer.It was for that reason I felt we should have a group on-line to pray for those who may be hurting.I thank God that we're here for the very reason to give comfort to those who are lost or hurting.I understand that just because we become christian don't mean that we will not have ups and downs,or sorrow in life.but it does mean we have a Savior who sends His Holy Spirit to bring us comfort in our walk with the Lord.

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