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The Power of Jesus Our Savior Prayer Group


    This group is for those that love to fellowship by sharing in the word of God.We except only members that will post a least once a week unless you have family issues.We are a praying group.We believe in Christ Jesus and that he is the Son of God,We believe in the Holy Spirit.We also have a sister group called Jesus Christ Our Savior...We welcome you but if you cannot be active in the group by showing your faithfulness unto God.Don't have anything to say about lifting up Jesus Christ and encouraging other members,your post will be remove and or you removed.We're being about Gods business..its not about you or I,bUT THE LORD!Read the Bible verses on prayer so that you can become closer to God. The scripture on prayer will teach you how to pray - and most of the time isn't anything more than taking time out of your day to be quiet and talk to God.

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