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  • James B


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    Some people are like slinky's. They're so boring until you push them down stairs.

    December 30, 2006



  • About Me

    • Slipknot,Mudvayne,Aosis,AC/DC,Bullet for my valentine, ICP,Metallica,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Disturbed,As I lay Dying,Psychostick,Anything Heavy Metal

    • Saving Private Ryan,We Were Soldiers,Band of Brother, Ect.

    • -_-' I HATE BOOKS. They can die.

    • I am 15 i am short and chubby I love Music(SLIPKNOT!!!!!!!!!) and I play guitar and Paintball, and Airsoft is my life. And also don't be a retard around me or I'll fucking kill you. Literally. I'm not afraid to unleah the fatass furry within me. I'm a fucking ninja betch.

    • Stuff.

    • Airsoft,Paintball,Music,Guitars,Drums,Auto Mechanics,Food, yea.

    • To work at a llama farm

    • Your mom and dad and sister and cousin and aunt and uncle and neice and neohew and gma and gpa.