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    • Anything will do with popcorn!!

    • not much with tv ever since finish school..

    • Comics.

    • Badminton & Basketball

    • Learn new stuff

    • travel around the world. see thing's i never seen. learn what beyond the capability of human. be the best out of the best. and find someone to die with. get to try everything that is fun and adventure. I WISH I WILL! please

    • U tell me =)

    • Nobody's perfect so don't act like one.

    • Thnx a lot for being my friend. If u see me to me ok. i'll absolutely reply. but it just take very long time for me to reply. ;) hehe

  • Am0i Ima

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    color overkill

    Nobody's perfect so don't act like one.

    December 10, 2006



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