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    Welcome to HIGH VALUE PETS where it's all about Pets with the objective of members helping to increase the value or assets of other members by buying other members or by buying pets from other members. Members are free to choose who they buy and who they buy pets from UNLESS THE MEMBER OR THE MEMBER'S PETS THAT THEY WISH TO BUY ARE NB/NO BUY. Feel free to add HVP in your name so that you can be easily identified as a fellow member by other HVP Members as having HVP in your name may increase your chances of being bought or having your pets bought and also helps when it comes to sending friend requests to other HVP Members and having those requests accepted. Being active also helps. Not having HVP in your name pretty much puts an end to your chances of being bought or having your pets bought by other HVP Members. Established 11/01/2015 and reconstructed 07/06/2016. HVP Administration Members are Amy W CEO, Joe B CFO(Co-Founder), Billy B President and Jen M Vice President.

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    Amy W¹ HVP CEO ❤ My Owner Charlie J