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    June 28, 2008






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    • Music I like would be all kinds of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Black Metal, and Hard Rock along with some Oldies, Soft Rock, Psy Trance, Techno, Psychedelic, Ambient, Gothic, Alternative, and Punk. I very much dislike and hate hip hop, jazz, pop, and especially r&b. That kind of music pisses me off.

    • Action, Horror, Thriller.

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    • My name is John, I am sixteen years old and live in Queens, New York.Right now im single and looking for a new girlfriend. I enjoy long conversations, bike riding, hanging out, roof hopping, hanging off trains, any type of Parkour exercise and listening to my ipod. I am a very easy person to talk to. I like to do crazy and wild things. Some people call me an adrenaline junkie, I'm a big risk taker and like to live life on the edge. I don't take shit from anybody, so if your looking for problems, fuck off! To learn more about me just send me a message or catch me on aim, my screen name is johnkatehis92, my yahoo is, and my msn is You can ask me any kind of questions, I am always happy to chat with a new person. Oh and be sure to check out my youtube channel, im always uploading new videos at, and see if u can beat any of my challenges or beat my scores at challenges, at my screen name is crazyjohn92