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  • Shadow


    1994 times

    howling away my sorrows

    Gaze into the eyes of a wolf and then you shall understand thier pain.

    December 18, 2008






  • About Me

    • Green Day, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance,fall out boy, linkin park, Bring Me The Horizon, Mindless Self Indulgence, disturbed, puddle of mud,coheed and cambria, old Rolling Stones, Boston, Aerosmith, cage the elephant.

    • Transformers, Transformers revenge of the fallen, Princess Moanoke, Iron Man, Jurrasic Park 1,2,+3, American werewolf in paris,howling 1+2, Beast of bray road, Sleepy hollows, the company of wolves, Underworld 1+2+3, jeepers creepers1+2

    • Naruto, ,Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain,Death Note, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost hunters, Primeval, Stargate SG-1, Mythbusters

    • manga Naruto, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Zombie Loan, Ookami Ga Kuru, Witch Hunter and the Twilight series

    • I don't play a sport. I play an extreme sport: paintball. Another extreme sport is skydiving and one day I will have a skydiving paintball match.

    • Drawing, Painting, Making Models, paintball, offroading. Making pople lose ter mind since 1994.

    • i dream what hippies trip about and I trip about what hippies wish they could trip about.

    • My eyes.and teeth.

    • Only those who are weak stare into the eyes of others and cry out in fear

    • Staring at the moon, drawing sitting in the woods thinking. Yup that basically sums up me. But not really

    • Love wolves, love the, moon,and love the forest. Don't follow these rules and you must pay the price

    • wolves are an amazing creature. They have a better chance at survival since they won't lead to theier own extinction. Humans should respect wolves and praise them for what they are, free

    • Race: Lycanthrope Technique: Paragraph Reinforcements: 10 member wolf pack Abilities: Shapeshifting and dopplegangers