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    If you hate life, truly hate the sun and take what little solace life offers by drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, then you are goth!

    April 2, 2007




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    • Graham - GAD123 - - Visit my blog! - Visite meu site! I first got on the net over 10 years ago and have had my own site for at least 5 of those years (a place where I could dump the misery of my everyday life!), you can see my fist efforts @ freewebs gad123 and my current blog @ gad123. I am a kind person, smart, (I know that is subjective) and witty, the dry, sarcastic type! I am told that I am easy to talk to and am very laid back. I enjoy playing poker, listening to any music, watching movies & American TV shows, love going to the pub, dancing on a Saturday night and am a bit of a nerd as I own a Wii, PS3 and built my own PC! I am a creature of routine, love the night time when all the exciting things happen, am a bit of an insomniac and love getting trashed at the weekends! If you want, you can catch me on MSN @ GAD123! Take care and enjoy you browse around this GAD123 Page!