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    i wanna know you, get online, lets be friends now! i dare you shan't regret the try.

    April 24, 2008



  • About Me

    • Some jazzy jazz, a bit of Soul, a pinch ofR & B, rarely some Techno, and, what in Zambia we uniquely call Zambian Music. i regularly stream some Classics, Gospel, Barotse Music, some quite heart throbing local pieces i devour like hot peppered kuhu (Chicken).

    • i love action movies, but sci-fi, fact (davinci code),i a have in recent times been watching the series like Prison Break, 24, Lost, the Nicholas Cage National Treasure movies are just the kind that rocks me world. i have run away from reality sometime by watching a bit of romance, they say, when all is said & done, love callms all tides....

    • 2014: Zambias' Constitution Finally Righted; The Dan Brown Series-Davinci Code, Digital Fotress, Illuminati,....

    • I cycle with all my weight, i do upto 40Km whern i am able. I watch a lot of Basketball, was a Team Coach for The Panthers @kansenshi Secondary School for a few years.

    • He who thinks he knows, and knows that he knows is wise, follow him; He who thinks he knows, but knows not is a fool, shun him!; and, He who knows not, and knows that he knows not can be taught, teach him! This is a maxim whose wisdom i really appreciate. i endear it to you to think through....

    • i'm into Politics, Computing, reading a lot of something of everything in everything.

    • To make you my very best of friends.