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  • Evans C


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    One World, One People, Please...

    July 15, 2008




  • About Me

    • My favorite is classic rock, southern rock, & of course Native American, etc. etc...........I love music, especially since I play a Native American Cedar Flute.

    • SciFi & Action

    • SCI FI channel

    • Law of Attraction, Holistic, & Spirituality

    • Tiger Woods!

    • To see us all as "One World, One People"

    • Definately, my personality, mixed with my zest for Life!

    • Moved to DC from SD, CA and love every minute of it!

    • Spiritual Healer, golf, LIVE music, golf, Silversmithing, golf, Flute music, golf, museums (volunteer at the Smithsonian's Nat'l Museum of American Indian on weekends), golf, hiking, golf, canoeing, golf, Tango, & did I mention GOLF!

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