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    August 25, 2012



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  • About Me

    • English:Metal-Rock-R&P-Romantic-Dubstep-Trance MarcAntony,Evanescence,Lindsey Stirling ,RickyMartin ,Jlo,ERA,LinkinPark,LacunaCoil,Korn,StaticX,Eminem,Lindsaylohan and more,,, Arab:Elissa,3mrDiab,Tamer7osny,Nancy,3asyEL7lany,Elin5laf,SamoZaen,FadlShaker,med7atSal7,,,,,

    • English:UnderTheWorld,xXx,Fast Five, ring, Saw, EvilDead,MessageIntheBottle,sixSence,SleepyHollow,carrebain,dieHard Arab:SelimWelT3ban,SahrElyaly,Mafia,Teto,Africano,ZakyShan,Ellby2and elnazer

    • PrisonBreak, Friends, Supernatural, HowiMeetYourMom, Kyle xy, Heros

    • Running, Basketball, VolleyBall

    • I like listen Music,playing ps3,Chating,watching Movies in cinema but u know here cinema sucks and shesha 7yaty almost 4get Meeting people(girls only ofcourse) i like live my life i think:)

    • big house ,sport car ,good job and sexy wife in romantic place wel hamdolilah bs keda :)

    • Iam egyption from alex live alone here My family in kuwait work zer (rna m3ahom),graduated from acadimya b7rya(aast)teba3y s3baah shwya 2w keter zay ma es7aby by2olo bs :) also iam crazy guy and i love to make anything crazy, i just love life with all its pleasures ...u will find that the beauty of life is in every thing ,... pretty women , a shot of tequila , money , even the taste of the food u enjoy .... every thing haves its beauty .... and i just love touching this beauty , feeling it , letting it flow through my viens , but i know one day i will regret doing all that ,But Isn't Life Just Beautifull :) rewisht7n : yahooo , ehabest :youtube