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  • About Me

    • THE AMBASSADOR lives in New York City stealthily under the alias Ed Hale. The singer/songwriter records and performs in the band TRANSCENDENCE with a handful of other eccentric, talented, and fun loving guys, as well as releases the occasional solo album. The band's CDs are available at music retailers nationwide, the iTunes music store, and online music stores such as and The band's website is For video clips of the band recording performing jamming goofing ranting raving and other revelry, go to their YouTube channel, For a more personal glimpse into the the insane world of whatever Ed Hale happens to feel like doing in any given moment head to his personal YouTube channel Or just do a search for Ed Hale. Official Ed Hale website:

    • Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Woody Allen, I heart the huckabees, Eternal sunshine of the potless mind was quite brilliant, the libertine, Matrix, Fight Club, old cary Grant movies,

    • The road to happiness lies in two single principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it -- every bit of of energy, ambition, and natural ability you have. -- John D. Rockefeller III

    • Since 2002 Hale has been publicly blogging the THE TRANSCENDENCE DIARIES. Clocking in at 59,000 files, 1800 pages, gut-wrenchingly frank, personal, and brutally honest, it is not for the conservative, faint of heart, or easily offended. But it is one hell of a wild ride at times. Catch it here if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time: "Still finding myself obsessed with a quiet secret subtle and almost constant gnawing at my insides about the unbearable sadness of how impermanent everything is. Our lifetimes are short here. I remind myself that it is up to me to find meaning while I am here. I try to live my life to its fullest and even then I cannot shake the deep underlying knowing that they are all just moments lived and then soon forgotten. Where is the meaning in that?"

    • travelling, culture sharing, learning languages, activism, volunteerism, philanthropy, civilian diplomacy, julia butterfly hill, harry palmer, jane austen, ram dass, tony robbins, tom robbins, kurt vonneget, leonardo davinci, picasso, jesus, gandhi, MLK, Robert Kennedy, Barack Obama, Berg's 'Becoming like GOD' was good -- check it out.

    • World peace, love, truth, beauty, music, art, honesty, integrity, tolerance, and open-mindedness running rampant throughout human consciousness. One giant orgiastic love ball of good times, intelligent conversation, and friendliness being passed around like whippets at a frat party.

    • flaming lips, akufen, autechre, nabukazu, beatles, my bloody valentine, bowie, stones, dylan, zeppelin, hendrix, oasis, jet, rufus wainwright, robbie williams, david byrne, youssou n'dour, caetano veloso, ali farka toure, francis cabrel, ivanno fosatti, king sunny ade, paul mccartney and wings, acdc, the verve, marc bolan, donovan, audioslave, soundgarden, al green, amanda green, matthew sabatella, g love, lou reed and the velvets, iggy, jay z, p diddy, sly and the family stone, shostakovich, stravinsky, beethoven, chopin, debussy, kate bush, joni mitchel, father bloopy, smashing pumpkins first two albums, beastie boys, lcd sound system, miles davis, Prince, Django reindardt, Kaotic, mahalia jackson, dandy warhols, queen, the other guys in transcendence, mars volta, sleepy jackson, my morning jacket, muse, remy zero, jeff buckley, travis, polyphonic spree... that's a good start.

    • We can make the world a better place and still have one hell of a good time. check out