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    ACTIVE PET PLAYERS PLEASE!!!!! IF YOU REQUEST TO JOIN PLEASE BE ACTIVE . DHP group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity.Anything that brings us together - inspiring us to open our hearts, hands, or minds, to forget our differences for a moment and remember we are one. We invite you here in open friendship. If you request to join your pet status will be checked your achievements and your longevity on tagged as well . We open our doors to meet you not for you to be a picture on our member wall . We expect you to engage with the group and play our pets game according to their structure . If you have no intrest in being active please reconsider your value to us and or your own pet game DHP was established in 2011 as an international pets group to invite help and encourage new players to the game >>>>>>>>>***********BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS WELCOME ALWAYS

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    (sc) hannah ~luvs my owner~