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    Reaching Up! Reaching Out! Reaching Back!(c)2000 It's about realizing your true 'purpose driven life' and acting on it!

    April 9, 2008



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  • About Me

    • Unforgiven, The Long Kiss Goodbye, Imitation of Life, Shawshank Redemption...

    • Developing an internet talk show.... Stay Tuned!

    • "31 Days In October" My Anti-Domestic Violence Book! It's About Awareness!

    • Good food, travel, sunsets, beaches, and good friends...

    • An Ethical American Government from the White House to the Crack house.

    • We only pass this way once.... Leave a legacy!

    • BLUESY COUNTRY... BILLIE HOLIDAY MEETS PATSY CLINE! I have written, recorded and performed several songs over a 9 year period for myself and others covering a wide range of genres. I have lyrics and beats available for purchase. I began my very first job as a model being discovered in my front yard by a photog, then being whisked away for an amazing experience in modeling. Two years later I caught the acting bug, and began as an actress in a lead role on stage- Paul Robeson Player(Los Angeles). Eventually, I returned to modeling, becoming a spokesmodel, and Artists PR on television and radio. Now, I continue in all those areas, except now its not about me, its about helping others, particularly the youth and young adults 7-19. Now I coordinate projects that bring musicians, film,artists and communities together.

    • I am a member of my community's 'Community Rehabilitation Board' which coordinates community needs to the mayor's office and city planning. This Board acts as a liason between city government and the voice of the people. I am the founder of PREVAIL- Protecting Rights (of) Each Victim (of) Abuse In Louisiana,2003-PRESENT- A grassroots agency which is solely funded by its few members... we get a lot done with little, but could always use a little help. I began "The Bunny Run" in 2001, where I and a team of "bunnies" deliver NEW stuffed toys to area children in hospitals on Easter. So they feel like they are not forgotten by the Easter Bunny while they are sick and hopitalized. Pay It Forward!

    • Everything around the world, music wise... if it makes me nod my head and I can dance to it.

    • more to come...

    • Are for the structure and moral upbringing and mentoring of our young children today. Too 'few' mentors, leaders, and fathers willing to give FREELY of their handed down knwledge to unknown and at-risk children in low income neighborhoods. My Fears are for all those who are at the mercy of those in power. Those elected officials who believe that the phrase 'domestic violence' is not the same crime as assault and attempted murder. (just because you know the nut!) My fear is for homeland security... Seriously now... tell me. How can we secure borders when all the gates to the barnhouse are opened... and the horses are out! My fear is for Homeland Security when so many are living here homeless... land-less... and without "Security" from 'homeland' terrorism... **child,elderly & domestic abuse.

    • Email me.... Let's network on some projects!