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    September 14, 2008



    English, Deutsch

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  • About Me

    • Like many kinds of music depending on what I am doing and with who, where I am, and what my mood is....

    • Hmmmmm....not much of a movie goer, BUT will indulge once in a while, if there is someone with me...

    • Good way to sleep most of the time - seems to just knock me out UNLESS is really a good show....

    • Like to read, not enough time to do much of it though!

    • Hmmmmm....

    • Many...

    • I am a Dreamcatcher of sorts ...In a fractured sense of the word...I have dreams and help others have dreams/see theirs...My role? Minimize the bad ones, maximize the good ones....Help all of us realize how we can achieve our dream....The good ones of course!

    • LOL - Not sure I have any! This is for the beholder to decide?

    • (1) ME: I am a somewhat normal dude (smile - think is all relative as to what each of thinks is "normal" lol?) that is living life to its fullest as possible....The handle "Food Dude" is the first of many titles or nicknames I have had over the years, and comes from my initial training as a Chef too manyyears ago to talk of here lol (is also my favorite and keeps me grounded)...(2) LIFE ATTITUDE: Generally a positive person who sees the glass as half full rather than half empty....sometimes much to my chagrin lol.... (3) LIKES/DISLIKES: I like IN GENERAL all kinds of people and I am open regarding where they are from, religion, ideas, lifestyles, etc. What I look for in all are good hearts and good brains (meaning not acting like they have none!)... (4) LIVING: I live each day like it is my last...think about it - what would YOU do if this were the case? I also believe in the "pay it forward" concept...I try to do good things and only ask that the recipients do the same for someone else...and so it goes, and how each one of us can make a real difference in this world.... (5) QUESTION FOR YOU: Are you up to this? (6) GREETING: Peace and love all! : )