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  • Dave D. Williamson


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    "Success Comes From The Satisfaction You Have With Who You Are"

    November 30, 2009




  • About Me

    • Rock, blues, country, pop, hard rock and most others...

    • Action, Drama and Comedy, , , John Candy, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Dam, Chuck Norris etc.

    • Science of Getting Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, The Art of the Sale, Power of Focus, A New Earth, Laws of Success.

    • Boxing, Water Skiing, Camping, Fishing, etc.

    • Weight training, Internet Marketing, Working from home, Networking, Water Skiing, Billiards, Online Businesses, Yoga, Hunting, Fishing, Building Harleys, Boating, Reading etc...

    • The World is Our Playground... I Believe Anything is Possible..

    • Hello to all, My name is Dave and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, I'm a pipefitter that builds industrial construction sites such as power houses, nuclear power plants, ethanol plants etc. For the past 7 years, I’ve been an internet Entrepreneur. I have brown hair; hazel eyes, 150lbs. I have tried most things in life and not afraid to try anything new at least once. I can do just about anything from computers to all phases of construction. I enjoy rock, country and most other types of music and entertainment etc. I’m very stable, trusting, caring and love to communicate. I also love to cook, shop, and have passionate sex on rainy days, hot chocolate by my fire place and most other enjoyable things in life. These things are all nice, but much more enjoyable with the right soul mate. If you’re looking for a man who can accomplish just about anything and is very affectionate, down to earth, stable and knows what he wants, let me know who you are and we will go from there! “Fair Enough”? Thanks for shopping Dave's (LOL LOL)

    • I'm looking for a bright, independent, outgoing, very positive female who appreciates a good thoughtful and affectionate man. I’m also looking for someone who believes in doing things right. Someone who is willing do whatever it takes to be happy and live right! Preferably someone who is NOT an alcoholic and is perhaps 5'-0" to 5'-7" with a slim good build who takes care of herself and believes in eating right. I'm looking for a lady who believes in being friends before lovers. This wonderful lady will also have the desire to work hard in a relationship. I also like a lady that’s very awnry!!!! Maybe a pinch of the butt or tickle of an ear while sleeping. I think things like that make her cute and not afraid to try anything. As for myself, I do things right or not at all. I believe in working hard, but playing hard also. Get ready for one heck of a ride through life if you’re with me! Until then, I will settle for hot passionate sex!!! Dave