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  • Danni L


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    October 4, 2011



  • About Me

    • Girly business!

    • Lips, mouth, teeth..that area :)

    • Im alot of things never one way or one kind of girl, I got personality and confidence. I never let anyone take me or bring me down! Im outspoken, intelligent, affectionate. I put my friends before any man. Im a girls girl, i do girly things I shop, do my hair, go raving but thats one layer. I love Uni, I take my job seriously. I like to have fun. Ive had shit relationships Ive had good ones. I regret none of them. Im a addicted to LOVE. If your my girl I love you to death, if your my man Id kill for you, my family are my heartbeat. Mostly I love to laugh. My type of man is so varied. I like tall dark and handsome. But personality is key, Im attracted to strength, cleverness, hunger and someone who appreciates a woman and the value of having one that needs you in her life. My expectation alas are too high so im single and on tagged lol