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  • About Me

    • how does this work? ~ I can't hear anything? ~ I love music. How do you turn it on?

    • Sure ~sounds great, whats on?

    • Yepper ~ got 3 ~ one for each room of the house

    • "Fun with Dick & Jane", "Cat in the Hat" " ,"Jack & Jill" , "Silver Chef" widely read actually

    • Not much into the "voyeur" department ~ if I can't get involve, ~ hands-on,~ it wears me out trying to watch ~ ball players ~ cars going round and round ~ zoom zoom ~ while fun, failing to holds my interest if its beautiful day ~ I'll have more fun watching women walk down the street on a windy day or maybe find a darling ~ to amuse and entertain ~ let's go see and do ! ~ skip rocks or grab a bucket of chicken , bottle of wine and a blanket ~ find a nice isolated vista somewhere around sunset~ build a small fire and watch the darkness overtake the day.

    • I'll settle for 9.5 % today, The viola and learning to play. Currently ~ working on "Danny Boy" and Finding a woman that I can enjoy watch her brush her teeth as long as my eyes can see.

    • Yes ~in color ~ I've enjoyed being tied off on an oil platform, some 40 miles out at sea in 14ft rollers ~ it's the best dreaming ever! The sea will rock you like a baby! ~It's only happen to me once ~ but my dreams got tangle up with another person one time ~ it was a really freaky experience ~ The next day ~ I told him of a red fire truck he'd bought ~ and of a saddnes in his heart about this truck ~His jaw just dropped! and he walked away. It wasn't until a day later, he shared with me his story, about how he and a friend had bought a fire truck together and it ended in hard feeling between the two. ~anyway it was a strange experience to see and feel another persons thoughts and visions. To my knowledge ~ it not happened again ~ or at least I've not be able to validate it. I've taken some far distant jounerys at times. Go places, ~ I cannot start to describe.

    • My eyes and personality ~ they are picering blue and I am unperdictable to a point, even I don't know what's happening next! I enjoy unpretenious behavior and acted out humor, I see things from many points of view or to say I can project, allow myself to be consumed, get into character ~ I don't fear but enjoy such things ~ for I know who I am and rarely get lost ~~ anymore. & I am of average size in every way. I like being average, I find the world made for me.

    • new to the site ~ so much to see and do! wow! I'm just beginning to see how it works ~ and look forward to meeting and making new friends with many of you. ~ I guess the next step is to completing and polishing my prolife.~ I enjoy light hearted humor with an edge. ~ Hope you enjoy mine, ~~ I'm in no rush on this end and enjoy a long game. till we meet again ~ "keep your motor running" Dance

    • It's been several years ~ and I will update "about me" soon ~