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  • Venus


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    I am crazy about exchanging Languages and making friends. major in Japanese~and I love Europe,wrestling(WWE) baseball n' Porsche are my favorite~^ ^~

    February 15, 2007



    中文 (繁軆), 日本語, English


  • About Me

    • I love soft music and pop BLUES. my favorite singer such as Aaron Carter,w-inds., Lead, us5, Koda Kumi,and I love Penny Dai and Backstreet boys, FOZZY, sonohra

    • Shinobi, The devil wears Prada. WWE Magazine

    • WWE (RAW, Smack down, ECW)

    • Holy Bible, Shinobi, And all the story that written by Otsuichisan, fictions, WWE Magazine

    • baseball(Softbank Hawks) ,soccer,table tennis,sleeping(?) wrestling(WWE)

    • listen to the music, play piano and Chinese zither Japanese, English,Italian,Husky

    • hair

    • I want to travel around the world. Search every things fantastic. I don't care who am I in your eyes. I am who I am. I am a girl who to adore ancient Chinese culture, and cars. I love Porsche Particularly. I like the boys who love UMI(Japanese)!!

    • Travel around the world!

    • I tell you my hobbits because I don't want to have a argument with somebody. 1.I don't like people sent me letters just ask my messager except my top friends in my friend list. 2.I don't like the people add my without saying hello or match 3.don't send me dirty pictures. that's all

    • baseball: Wada Tsuyoshi, Kawasaki Munenori WWE: John Cena, Michelle McCool and Randy Orton, Chris Jericho.....all of Taiwanese player!!