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  • Linus


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    Live as you gonna live forever and pray to God as you gonna die now.

    May 26, 2007




  • About Me

    • All RnBs,blues,country,dancehalls and hip hop

    • Action films(war films and karate),love stories and life stories.I like also dramas from philipine.

    • I like football very much and my favourite football team are Simba SC from Tanzania,Manchester united FC from England,FC Barcelona from Spain and AC Milan from Italy.My Favourite national teams are Tanzania, Brazil and Cameroun.Also I like hiking,cycling and travelling and all other sports but not like football.

    • If Muhammad tought us the word of God then he is the prophet as Jesus.I have seen that his philosophy is holy and good.So all christians should respect Muhammad because even them they respect Jesus.But all by all Virgin Mary is the holiest mom in the world.

    • I am slim/sleder,avarage tall and most handsome

    • Looking for friends of all kind,I want the one who have faith to her/himself that God didn creat them wrong.I want the one who believe that they are the most beautful and handsome in the world,those who do not loose hope.I am also looking for those who have copletely lost their hope and they want me to give them hope.Believe that nothing can never be done under the sun.

    • To be a very big businessman,having my happiest family and life.I am dreaming of owning a very big tourism and sport company.

    • i am not looking for these thieves and robbers so please if you are like this don say yes to my friend request or even asking me to be your friend.