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  • About Me

    • When we Make Love thats the Music I want to hear in my Head..

    • Let's Make Our Own Movie

    • Is there really anything good on TV anymore?

    • No time to read.. I get enough information on TAGGED. lol

    • Mattress Jumpping. UhLaLa

    • Women that know how to communicate and enjoy the greater things in life.

    • That one woman that I could share the rest of my life with.

    • My Mind and Sense of Humor

    • ***ABOUT CRAZY BOB*** ⭐️My name is Bob and I’m not really CRAZY. I’m all about having fun and entertaining people. I am here to make positive friends and also a chance to maybe meet that special someone. ***ABOUT GIFTING*** ⭐️Please DO NOT beg me for gifts. Gifting is for the viewer to show their appreciation. It is also good to show your top people on your leaderboard the love back. ***DaGunny GAMES*** ⭐️Check out DaGunny Live Stream to find out all about the battles. Meet positive people,make favorites there that are positive. Learn the mindset to earn money on the app. Look at it like a business and you should have SUCCESS. ***ON THE PET GAME*** ⭐️If you buy me I Thank You. If you like to flip to build assets then feel free to LOCK ME. If you not going to flip then please don’t LOCK ME!!! ***MY LEADERBOARD*** ⭐️Thanks to all my gifter’s and friends for the love and Support. That is what it is all about. ***MY TOP 3*** ❤️QEU QEU ❤️HESTIA THE GODDESS ❤️YUNA

    • Scammers - FAKE People will be Reported and BLOCKED from me. I do not have time to play games with you..

    • Dont waste your time to ask me to play pets if you are not able to prove your a real person on my LIVE STREAM..

    • Being rude is easy. It does not take any effort and is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Kindness shows great self-discipline and strong self-esteem. Being kind is not always easy when dealing with rude people. Kindness is a sign of a person who has done a lot of personal work and has come to a great self-understanding and wisdom. Choose to be kind over being right, and you'll be right ever time.