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    • Craig Bonehill is a Singer/Songwriter from Smethwick in the West Midlands. The first instrument he ever played was his Granddad's bugle which was ceremoniously brought down from the top of the cabinet in his grandparent's front room at family birthdays. So the person whose birthday it was could blow their age on the bugle (not forgetting one for the Queen). His first memorable experience of singing was running around his primary school playground during playtime singing Michael Jackson songs (OK it was 1988). Craig first started taking guitar lessons around this time, but his first guitar was decapitated when a teacher left it behind a door in a store cupboard. His first experience of performing music in public was with the marching band at his local Sea Cadets. Starting off on cymbals he soon progressed to tenor/side drum. Craig did not study music at an academic level but is trained in the visual arts. Craig's music blends his acoustic guitar and unique vocal with melody lines played on electric guitar, bass, keyboard (piano, strings and drums), harmonica and stylophone. (All played by Craig). When heard live Craig opts for a more stripped down sound playing solo acoustic

    • with a little accompaniment from his blues harp or marine band harmonicas. He has performed at The Public (West Bromwich), The Rainbow (Digbeth), Island Bar (Birmingham), The Patrick Kavanagh (Moseley) and The Crosswells Inn (Oldbury). Craig is currently working on his as yet untitled debut album (working title: Long Incubation) and hopes to release this in early 2013. Craig is currently looking for places to play live.

    • Craig Bonehill sings, writes, and plays all the music for his songs. The best way to describe his sound would probably be: The acoustic sweetness of a J200 guitar blended with his unique vocal and eclectic motifs of melody. Played on Piano,Violin, Flute, Cello, Stylophone, Marimba, Bass and Harmonica accompanied with often melancholic riffs of his Stratocaster, Peavy Patriot and Casio digital electric guitars. When Craig plays live this is all stripped down to a solo acoustic mix of vocals, guitar and harmonica to make his performances more intimate.

    • The Dictionary | Thesaurus | Anthony Burgess| Aldous Huxley | Irvine Welsh | Leonard Cohen | Dylan Thomas | Oscar Wilde | Autobiographies | Music biographies etc.

    • Singing, Drawing, Animation, Guitar and Music

    • World peace etc I'm a pisces so living in a dreamworld comes easy to me.

    • Musician Singer/Songwriter

    • www.reverbnation. com/craigbonehill (take out space)


    • http://www.soundcloud. com/craigbonehill

    • http://www.myspace. com/craigbonehill

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