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  • Craig Balunsat

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    Craig Balunsat -Artist at www.balunsat dot org

    October 11, 2010





  • About Me

    • I like good music.... if you must know, I like all music. Yep! Rock and roll, country, Jaz, blues etc. And classical too? Oh yea.

    • Good inspiring movies like Avitar.

    • the crap shows aired on least that I can think of at the moment.

    • Huh? Good books, All of them...and they really are too many to mention.

    • I think sports are a good way to get your exercise though.

    • Writing songs and recording them.

    • To be the voice for all the little people because I am a little people.

    • The little people are our equals, and just as important as everyone else. I am a little people and proud of it.

    • Hi everyone! I'm a singer, songwriter, composer, aspiring artist.

    • Official site:

    • The little people. Because we are spiritually made up of little people. And if anyone knows what I'm talking about, then so be it.

    • We have access to all of them, just need to learn how to use them.