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  • Robbie Coon


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    if you ain't got ink , you ain't got nothing!

    May 9, 2008



  • About Me

    • every thing that creates a hell of an bass, mostly rockabilly, psychobilly, ramstein, 50-60's rock'n roll, 80's disco and some ol school rap.

    • mob flicks are my favorite ones, but some times i even enjoy a chick flick with my wife,lol

    • there are so many jobs out there if you really look, so please don't go on ebay buy a fucking tattoo starter kit and think you know the business. it took all the great ones several years to figure it out , why should you be different? yes , i'm a tattoo artist who is very proud of the old school rules of tattooing.

    • you tell me and i create it for you: course only on canvas,lol i think i can be a very good listener, not always , but mostly. i'm a very laid back dude who likes a conservative lifestyle . i do not drink and/or smoke.

    • hot & rat rods , 50-60's rock'n roll, rockabilly , art -art -art and more art. most of all my wife and my good kids ( did i just say good kids )

    • to many to list, but if you are serious to grand me some - let me know and i tell you what i like ,lol

    • Lynda my wife,my brothers Andy, Corky & Kirby and their family, my kids , mom and billy joe and all of my good friends i can't list.