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  • About Me

    • Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Reggae, Slow Jamz, I Love music.

    • Transformers 1&2, Iron Man 1,2 &3, How to be a killer, Hard biold, Dancehall queen.

    • Two and a half men, Family guy, The news, Top Gear

    • "Story of my life" by Dawn Penn

    • Track and Field, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, I like sports.

    • Is to make it in the music industry and run my own company DaBeat

    • some people say my hair, my eyes, i'm not sure let me know what you think.

    • I'm just me as you'll get to find out....#ShouldaKnow

    • Continental Crooks has collaborated with many artistes in different genre of music, such individuals are Kasino, Darkman, Skipper, Jr. Convitz all London base artist and Candyman a Florida base artist and he has been featured on DJ. AMZ, Grind Time Vol. 6.5, Showcase mix tape Vol. 74 and 95. He has done previous and present works on CDs, such as ‘So Shady’, ‘Back to Reality’ and ‘Off the Wall.’ ‘Continental Crooks’ is the new rising starlight who is a force to be reckon with in the music industry and who is looking forward to peak at the highest level of the entertainment world…He can be contacted at the mentioned addresses below. ,,

    • Although he travels the music scene wide, internationally he goes back to his roots constantly so as to keep refreshing his versatility in all genre of his music and to keep appealing to his vast audience worldwide. Continental Crooks has spent his adolescent years in (Brooklyn) New York, and the last couple years in London, he has been performing in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland just to name a few. His hobbies are sports and cooking, friends and family calls him ‘chef boy’. He is also known for being a one man army because he does it all. He operates his own recording company along with his mother called “Da Beat Limited” where he functions as the director and his mother the CEO. They are responsible for putting out and promoting new talents and taking them to the forefront on the musical scene.

    • A musical starlight, with a unique sound and multitalented background, who goes by the stage name “Continental Crooks.” Born August 16th, 1985 as Jay Pickering in St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands and now resides in London in the United Kingdom. “Continental Crooks” is from a musical family his mother, the renown Jamaican singer “Dawn Penn” who has had great influences on her son’s musical career. He first recognized his musical talent at age eleven, and did his first recording at age sixteen. He then took his new found talent seriously in 2006. ‘Continental Crooks’ can be described both as a introvert and an extravert near in equal proportion, and this he explains helps him with his music, in terms of taking time to write and get into his inner self and outgoing to meet and greet his audience with a captivating warmness, tone and performance with a Caribbean flavor. His character can be cool, calm and collective, very focussed, articulate, punctual and determine to get the job done. These attributes have contributed to his star qualities over the years of his development.