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    • ღjangan menangis lagi::without you::cari pacar lagi::bukan superstar::terima kasih cinta::yakinlah aku menjemputmu::kehadiranmu::twinke away::ku tunggu jandamu::berjuta batu::gagal bercinta::mawar khayalan::kau ada dia::cinta yang sempurna::doy::kembali pulang::selingkuh::bintang 14 hari::ku ingin kamu::takkan ada::tentang dia::loving you::sayang::puspa::aku masih sayang::kamu ga sendirian::tanpa::hampa hatiku::aku da dirimu::dinda::hot & cold::cinta bertahan::dear diary::merindukanmu::bila rasaku ini rasamu::

    • ღ the one and only! T I T A N I C(: u jump i jump.

    • ღtum-tum yam::intan::spa Q::cucu tok wan(papaku brlakon)::sekar:: & bhanyak lagi::

    • ღ sya xshuke mmbace::mak sya pon kte mcam tu::=p

    • ღ badminton, tennis, ღ

    • ღ kamu ღ

    • ღ wanna be a good violin's player ღ

    • ღ hee(: syhh! ღ

    • hmm lets started with a little about me.i was named currently stayng at TERENGGANU and on this 25 august 2009 i'll turning 15.i may be quiet and a bit arrogant around my new friends but around my closet friends i feel boisterous ,outspoken and funny.butt,i dont want to show my true colour in case it leads to embarrassment.soo,please stop your fuckin shit attittude,i am who i am and i know what i've done to my life.bout my not single.i absolutely taken by h i m !he's my drugs and i addicted to him.andd one more thing, i dont even care if u wanna hate me and delete me coz im really-really quite shy and quiet!!got it? damn! ohh yeah,any question just ask me ok. message me if u've important things to say and please open my page using MOZILLA FIREFOX to get best view.sorry if i cant impress u with a large words and an expansive vocabulary.this's not an essay right? YM, FS : ... CURRENT MOOD: R A R E L Y O N L I N E ♥ redapple ♥