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    January 20, 2007







  • About Me

    • Anything Rock..Punk, Emo, Screamo, Metal, Gothic-Metal, Alternative, Oldies, 80s Rock, Techno, Some Rap/HipHop. [to many bands to name] [=

    • Action. Horror. Comedy. Classic Disney! =D

    • I really like the old shows like 60's, 70's, 80's, & 90's shows but they arent on anymore.. I like murder, and crime mystery shows . im not a big fan of the girly drama shows and bullshit like that. some shows i like are --> boy meets world. csi. family guy. invader zim. roseanne. the secret life of the american teenager. degrassi. the addams family. growing pains. raw. ecw. tna. wrestling. boxing/kickboxing. ultimate fighting. ghost hunters. forensic files. psychic detectives. haunting evidence. the haunting. full house. the fresh prince of bel-air. george lopez. seventh heaven. dawsons creek. south park. tom and jerry. looney toons. mash. the munsters. miami ink. gilligans island. the beverly hillbillies. the brady bunch. threes company. friends. sister sister. smart guy. family matters. hey arnold. goosebumps. i love lucy. saved by the bell. roger rabit. scooby doo. the cosby show. ren and stimpy. the angry beavers. wild thornberrys. rockos modern life. step by step. recess. rocket power. catdog. wishbone. rugrats. futurama. the andy grifith show. next. parental control. that 70's show. room raiders. the real world. without a trace. and many others :)

    • i actually love reading. i like reading and knowing different things and different places and times. i like mystery books.

    • ill watch almost any sport if its fun to watch. but my favorite is the ufc fighting stuff, kick boxing, wrestling, football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. i used to play basketball, softball, and volleyball.

    • family. friends. memories. movies. music. writing poetry. summer. being outside. having fun. laughing. talking. being random. classic disney movies there the best. johnny depp. elvis presley. dancing in the rain. warm showers. uniqueness. tubing. rollercoasters. christmas. the 4th of july. halloween. being happy. going to the park. cooking. photography. being crazy and silly. sports. cars. taking walks to nowhere. night time. food. taking pictures. thunderstorms. looking at the stars, there beautiful. sunsets. fire. nature. waterfalls. kindness. hugs. sky. rainbows. surprises. love. clouds. moon. lightning. candles. roses. getting caught in the rain. books. bubbles. sleeping. animals. coloring. glowsticks. skittles. chocolate chip cookies. converse shoes. camping. scary movies. paintings. cartoons. smores. bonfires. swimming. conoeing. road trips. bowling. perfume. dancing crazily. smoothies. hot topic. walmart. trying different things. history. & more. =D =)

    • i would like to be a writer, possibly go to college to be a preschool teacher, travel the world, and make a difference if i could. =)

    • probably my good heart by not thinking im better then everyone else since nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. being a caring person and not judgeing others, but likeing them for who they are on the inside, and not just there looks. and i dont see the difference if your white, black, mexican, indian, chinese, muslim, whatever! i dont care if your green! more people need to see the good in others and look passed there looks and like them for who they are cuz who you really are is in the heart by being a good person and if your a good person then your beautiful on the inside and out(:

    • im not like rather be called a freak then be called normal. i know what i believe in, and i know what i want in life. i dont care what people think of me, i love being different. im my own person and i like it that way. be nice to me, and ill be nice back. if you listen to me, then ill listen to you. give me your respect, and ill give you mine. i like making people laugh. im shy, sensitive, loud, outgoing, random, crazy, funny, and like to have fun! im always laughing at something stupid, or doesnt make sense. i care about others before myself. im a very caring person, if i could i would help all the children and animals that are in need. i dont judge people, i try to get to know them first, i like them until they give me a reason not to. im not racist. i dont label people cause noone deserves a label. i try very hard to be a good friend to everyone. im actually a nice person. try and get to know me.

    • fast and the furious movies.the a team.contraband.sherlock holms 1&2.james bond movies.four brothers.the change up.the hangover.porkys 1&2.mission impossible movies.the outsiders.stand by me.cruel and the beast.the notebook.the goonies.pirates of the caribbean1+2+3+4.dennis the menace.the karate kid.big daddy.the nightmare before christmas.the breakfast club.lady and the tramp.the and the hound.dumbo.the lion king.peterpan.the jungle book.the little mermaid.101 dalmations.pearl harbor.titanic.amimal house.billy madison.happy gilmore.a walk to remember. 10 things i hate about you.step got served.the sandlot.friday the thirteenth movies.halloween movies.nightmare on elmstreet movies. freddy vs. jason.texas chainsaw massacre movies.overboard.grumpy old men and grumpier old carter.remember the titans.without a paddle.old yeller.million dollar baby.rocky movies.disturbia.little giants.national lampoons vacation.longest yard.gridiron gang.forrest gump.home alone.friday night lights.little rascals.-and many more

    • ●life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. so love the people who treat you right forget about the ones who dont. and believe that everything happens for a reason. if you get a chance. take it. if it changes your life, let it. ●there’s always going to be that one thing you wish for but you never get, that one mistake you can never take back & most of all that one memory you would do anything just to have it again. ♥ ●things happen in life that you can't stop, but that doesn't mean you should shut out the world..-- Now & Then♥-- ●theres only so many times you can allow someone to let you down before you cant handle the disapointment anymore. when things change people change & it doesnt mean you forget the past, it simply means you try and move on & treasure the memories. letting go doesnt mean giving up, it means accepting things that werent meant to be. theres a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone, trying to fix everything, but its not giving up. you got to do whats right for you even if it hurts. ive come to realize that in the end, everyone turns out to be the person they swore they'd never become.