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    CHEBAA-lebanon-*In the heart of Haramon Mt. lies the village of Chebaa *Chebaa is located in Caza Hasbaya, Mohafazat Nabatiyeh. * Chebaa and Chebaa Farms - which are LEBANESE -extend from Jen3em, Ain 3ata, 5olwat, till Hawla lake, Banias, Ghagar, Abbasieh ================================ *The existing religious communities among the villagers are: Muslim Sunnites, and Christian Orthodox *There are 117 families registered in Chebaa. These families derive out of four main families, the el Baragsheh, Zleikha, Abou Hweily, Hashem, and the Christian families. *The villagers of Chebaa migrated for economic and security reasons during civil war. There is no specific city or region that the migrants concentrated in, rather they were distibuted in the Bekaa valley, Saida, Shoueifat, Na3meh, Beirut and its suburbs.Also immigration the American continent, Europe mainly France, and Cuba was active..

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