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    "Anyone who messes with me has got a date with his maker"- Gundam Wing

    January 15, 2007



  • About Me

    • alternative rock,slow rock,sentimental music,pop rock,pop,ballroom music,dance music

    • windstruck,my boyfriend is type B,crazy first love,my sassy girl,ditto,wanee and junah,and i hate you so,exorcism of emily rose,beautiful boxer,titanic,lotr trilogy,the ring trilogy,harry potter series,chuckie series,queen of the damned,interview with a vampire,blade trilogy,ever after,if only,barbie's the princess and the pauper,50 first dates,the secret window,pirates of the caribbean 1 & 2,so close,naked weapon,spawn,superman returns,shutter,final destination 1,2 & 3,step up,selena,high school musical,the 13th ghost,the texas chainsaw massacre,ella the enchanted,shrek 12,italian job,oceans 11,oceans 12,meet the parents,meet the fockers,charlie's angels 1&2,kill bill 1&2,xmen123,batman,batman returns,batman forever

    • im charlie mae.. just an extra-ordinary creature who lives everywhere and nowhere... my life just only began at 18.. my quest is to seek for my soul... im a hopeless romantic who seeks for my love one's soul.. would it be you?

    • my attitude and my talent

    • studying nursing,writing,singing,surfing the net,playing the guitar,girls,boys

    • to be come a stable nurse,a multi billionaire entrepreneur with my friends,to have an orphanage,to become happy

    • interview with a vampire,vampire lestat,queen of the damned,the tale of the body thief,memnoch the devil,merrick,blood canticle,pandora,abnkkbsnplako,ang paboritong libro ni Hudas,bakit baliktad magbasa ang mga pilipino,alamat ng gubat,stainless longganisa,life after death,the long walk

    • cute,intelligent and kind girls and boys... people who can love me