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  • Brian G

    Over 3 months ago

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    history, outdoors, pets, fish, movies, cats, connecticut, megaliths, mystery, veteran

    December 12, 2015






  • About Me

    • classical, classic rock, psytrance techno, house, straight-edge hardcore, melodic gothic metal, alternative hip-hop, blues, blue grass, 80's music.

    • Time Bandits, Cider House Rules, When Trumpets Fade, Cross of Iron, Waterloo, Star Trek II, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dark Crystal, Yellow Submarine, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Bridge at Remagen, Lost Battalion, Event Horizon, Max

    • None

    • Jules Verne Works, the Dhammapada, historical narratives

    • Hiking

    • History, old book collecting, travelling, America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire

    • Realist

    • Vegan

    • Animal rights sympathizer

    • BA Political Science (UConn), AS Business Administration (Middlesex Community College, MIddletown, CT)

    • Security Work