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    "The time when Man can live together in harmony, is when he is no longer referred to by the Color of a Skin the Basis of an Origin."

    May 2, 2008



  • About Me

    • My son, (D'Silk) AKA Darian W. Sims Sr. has been singing since he was three years old. He wrote and performed the song, "On An Angel's Wings" at the funeral of my 16 y/o first born grandson, another Chicago Public School Student who was gunned down in the streets of the City of Chicago.

    • Science Fiction, Suspense, Supernatural and Educational films about Animals are my favorites. I am looking forward to the day when Shadows Under the Grave-A Trilogy will present itself in film. It is a 221 page paperback book written in the Supernatural A Trilogy of thrillers, the three stories.. 1.) For the Love of Jobe..., 2.) The Bronze Rocking Chairs... 3.) The Shell People.. I self published, designed and painted the coverjacket as well as the image of King Leviitha, Chief of the Niklo Tribe, one of the lead characters in the book. His image is posted in photos.

    • I really like talk programs,

    • Educational Literature. Encyclopedias, Fine Art, and Spanish Text Books. Over the years, I have taken my vacations in books.

    • Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Track and Field competitions. I was my Son's Little League Baseball Coach.

    • 1)Film Production: I want to see the book I wrote and self published, "Shadows Under the Grave-A Trilogy" I would like to see it's content in "Film", soon! 2) I'd like to hook-up with other African-Americans who wish to Develop an African-American Art Gallery and Museum. The name of my Home Base Business is Bowman-Sims African-American Creations. I am searching for friends who are mechanically savvy to work with me on new product designs and development.

    • I have been developing a business entity for over 50 years. I have invested much of my energy in grooming my baby son to participate in the Arts. He has his degree in Cinematography from Southern Illinois at Carbondale (SIU). I want to see the African-American people take their place in the American Society before I check-out of this hotel. America is the land of milk and honey where all people are free to earn money. But, she never paid us for our labor! Money is the language that needs to be assigned to our ethnic group in the way of Reparations and Inheritance. In order to level the playing field, we need a Bureau of African-American Affairs where all of it's members have at least one ancestor who was enslaved in America during the slavery era. All African-Americans are members of the Black race, but, not all members of the Black race are African-American.

    • I am a people person. I am considered an Activist and Advocate for African-American causes. I have written the definition of African-American and the African-American Poem and Creed. You can read both below. Please copy and share with others. I am a Creative Writer and self taught Artist. I am among the first who identified my art as African-American Art. I do not do Black Art. I have posted my four books that I have in print on this site. Whenever I write advanced reading material, I have vowed to write for children. If you are unable to access my complete profile, please put this url in your browser and try again.

    • The African-American Poem And Creed "I am an African-American, descendant from Kings and Queens of Africa. I was brought to America on slave ships, and enslaved in a country that did not recognize me, or count me as a man. I was sold to the highest bidder, who, for over four hundred years stripped me of my wealth, caused me to forget my name, my native tongue, and the rich culture flourishing in my native land. My dignity and self esteem died back then, and was buried so deep, that I am struggling today to know, who I am? When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a people of many colors. Sisters and brothers genetically endowed with traits that extend across all racial and ethnic lines. I have survived against all odds in this new land of mine..and, no one can ignore my destiny. " June Colbert Bowman-Sims I am proud to be an African-American; A people with many skin colors and creeds. Endowed with genetic backgrounds, for the integrity and skills that I need; to improve my life by the hour while working hard to speed-up the pace. All the while knowing that unity is power, and support for a strong economic base.

    • I have at last, come to believe, in the stigma of this Society. The wrath of anxiety, I relieve, is a testament to my propriety. I've had the privilege to swallow, an untouched element of pride. I've sought the full life to follow, and brought others to our side. With head held high, and never bent, a handout, I'll not willingly seek; to accept free-bees from my government; or from whomever, though they seem meek. I have pounded that tough pavement, while roaming, day and night; seeking a chance that's heaven sent, which could revamp my plight. Although closer and closer I begin to sink, deep down into Earth's gutters. I think. Still my headstrong pride refuses to dip, where there's no return, giving up my ship. To grasp the hand stretching out to me, to charter a course, I did not see. Bearing those gifts, upon which I feed, and that priceless inspiration, I need. In this land that is so grand, I want to dream my print in the sand. Enjoying fruits of honest labor, you see, like any other man; yet fight to be free. I'll allow no one, to plan my life; choose my future, or pick my wife. Need no putting rations, on our table; or paying the rent, not while I'm able.

    • "Problems, with healthy challenges, in an active day abound. He with none, is either vegetable or fool." June Colbert Bowman-Sims

    • Since our country is providing bailout money for business entities, now is the time to create a Bureau of African-American Affairs in lieu of providing us with Reparations and Inheritance that is overdue to our ethnic group. Please Read An African-American's Letter to America and share the information with others.

    • Bureau of African-American Affairs in Lieu of Reparations. One should be a United States Citizen in order to validate the information in the Petition. Put this URL in your browser.

    • The time has come for us to establish and develop our Home Base Business. First, We must put in place a Barter Program that uses coupons in the place of money to compensate each other for the goods and/or services provided by each of our members. Since this is a new endeavor, we need your help to write and structure all areas of a Barter business that reflect fair trade. You can contact me by email at

    • I am still working hard to get Shadows Under The Grave - A Trilogy into film. Then film the origin of a new form of fiction on the Planet Willmaroo - a must read... it is the origin of a new form of fiction that appeared on the planet when the 9th Planet Pluto disappeared. This is the beginning of life depicting African-American Mythology.

    • The Bureau of African-American Affairs will also act as the African-American Embassy. currently, this ethnic group is the only group without one. Also, there should be National guard units assigned to accompany other Policing units as a backup unit for the protection of citizens and other groups functioning as our protectors.

    • "We embrace the continent Africa to recognize our slave ancestors origin, in that, we don't know the country on the continent they were removed from and enslaved in America. Hence the term, African-American" June Colbert Bowman-Sims

    • "Racism, Ethism, Ethnicism", the additions. of ( ism ) to the two "E" words appearing here. Following is my definition of both words that I believe could be used interchangeably with and/or replace the term racism!" June Colbert Bowman-Sims

    • n.1.Ethism (eth'ism) Pertaining to groups of people who migrates from one or more of the world's continents to another, establishing a presence resembling their homeland upon arrival at their destinations

    • 2. Favoring like looking people when establishing and developing communities and business environments, when selling and acquiring land and homes, hiring practices, instituting policies and procedures,...and ETC

    • "v. (ethnic'ism) Deliberate and intentional plans and programs designed to establish and develop mini homelands over the planet for immigrants who have the same National Origin or are from the same or similar Ethnic groups and/or races. " June Colbert Bowman-Sims

    • "There are many people who believe that (Africa) is a country. We, negro, colored, and so-called black, Americans embrace the continent Africa, to recognize our slave ancestors origin, in that, we don't know the country on the continent they were removed from, and enslaved in North America on land that (is,. Now and was), the United States holdings. Hence the term, African-American. This term, with the dash, should only be used to identify that group of Americans who are descendants of the slave trade in America over 450 years ago. I have read that there are three classes of man, the Negroid (black man) from Africa, the Caucasoid (white man) from Europe, the Mongoloid (yellow man), from Asia, and the Australian Aborigine from Australia - the only country as well as a continent) on the planet." June Colbert Bowman-Sims

    • January 27, 2011 · President Barack Obama; As an alternative to Reparations, we Descendants of Slaves, hence forth referred to as -African-Americans, (an ethnic group whose origin began with the slave trade in America), need a Bureau of African-American Affairs whose main objective is to measure and improve the Social, Economic, and Health conditions of members of this ethnic group in all aspects of the American Society. This Bureau could be established as a governmental agency, within the Department of the Interior, have an African-American as commissioner, and structured somewhat like that of the 'Bureau of Indian Affairs'; offices should be located in Washington D.C. with satellite offices occupying space in every state of the union with accessible offices in Towns and County's all over America when deemed necessary. All who seeks registration with this Bureau should have at least one slave ancestor who was freed by Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863.

    • All Statistical Models must include the collection of data peculiar to members of this ethnic group. If by chance, models include data that measure other black ethnic groups activities, then, the model is flawed, useless, and should be discarded. It is not reflective of the African-American experience in America for over four hundred years of living. Mr. President, America has changed. It is a Country of ethnic groups; each of these groups have established community's, agencies, and mini homelands that provide support services for their members when they arrive here in the United States, and in other Country's over the world; this includes financial support. We African-Americans need the same support services headed by members of our own ethnic group, if, we are to level the playing field with other ethnic groups of Americans, in order to take our place in the American Society. Since America is currently going through reorganization programs, I believe this is the best time to establish the Bureau of African-American Affairs.

    • This Bureau will eventually provide compensation for her children who gave their all, to assist with the building of this great country by providing free labor. As we know, slave labor is an involuntary act. One is generally compensated for their work. That payment for services is what makes America so great. Sir, this is a difficult subject to address in a single page of writing. My intent is to touch on critical points that can assist members of my ethnic group as they strive for the 'American Dream'. I look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully submitted, June Colbert Bowman-Sims