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    egyptian pyramid :)

    Dream guy for dreamy guy!

    April 27, 2008



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  • About Me

    • R/b, jazz, classical, dance, rap, hiphop, country, folk, instrumental, rock, metal, gospel/spirituals, alternative, opera, and techno. Maria Callas, Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston to Adele.

    • Independent, comedy, romance, thriller/action, and some animation, classic and Broadway movies like Little Shop of Horrors, The Wiz, Dreamgirls.

    • Healthy cooking, DIY, exercise, travel and lifestyle, Dr. Oz; the Voice, NCAA sports, news and reality tv shows, CNN, Forensic Files.

    • Like everything from fiction to historical, some of my favorites novels are Image of Emeralds and Chocolate by K. Murry Johnson, Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin, and B-Boy Blues by J. E. Hardy. I also like Song of Solomon, The Color of Trees, and The Color Purple. I like poetry and read books by Gwendolyn Brooks, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, and Rita Dove. Most of the books I read are for published review. I am working on a book-length folklore study now.

    • Weight-lifting, yoga, dance, Olympic competitions, iceskating, track and field, baseball, NCAA, NFL, NBA!

    • Superfoods, leafy greens, weight-lifting, exercise. I enjoy a 30-minute jog each morning and a 30 minute walk each night after dinner. I do 2 hours of cardio, weightlifting, yoga, stationary bikes and elyptics around 5. I like a diet high in berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables, very lean meats like salmon, chicken or turkey. I sometimes like to make green vegetable/fruit blends in my Ninja blender after working out. I don't eat much processed or high sugar foods! I like to meet and correspond with interesting men who are educated and aware, health conscious! I am always experimenting!

    • Creating a more livable, green world, ending disease.

    • Academic achievement, friendly, fit!

    • I lived on the west coast for a number of years, and now live in the southern U.S.

    • I tend to be involved in causes at different times and have a variety of personal interests!

    • I founded Gay Billionaire Pets ( and Gay Squid for Duck Group in 2009, these were active until 2012.

    • I was Invited to join Superior Pets (#13) on 5/10/2010 by jimmyd (Superior Pets). Before that, I was a Squid for Duck! and was invited by Tomas L. in 2008 to join. I have 2 pets profiles. Black Spice is at: Blackhawk is: