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  • Luscious Lizzie! LUV YOU Taylor


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    Bi Rainbow Love

    looking for Bi/Les/Str8 Girls

    October 1, 2010






  • About Me

    • Any really

    • Dakota Fanning

    • The L Word

    • Too many to list

    • Giants, you all Rock. fear the Beard Bi^ches, San diego Chargers.

    • Open Ocean Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Beach, Boating

    • If i shared my dreams i would get deleted for TOS violations

    • People say my eyes. But funny they are always looking down when they say it.

    • Hate doing these about me's so just ask.

    • last name is White

    • "They Sparkle?? Y.G.T.B.F.K.M." -David The Lost Boys.