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  • any1 reala dan daddy..(i think not)

    Over 3 months ago

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    get in where you fit in !!!!!

    January 28, 2008



  • About Me

    • old school, r&b, jazz, blues, real music"... cameo, s.o.s. band , the gap band, rick james !! (music of that nature) only real music !!

    • well, im into classic black cinema !! the mack,superfly, claudine, across a 110th street, roots, car wash..and all the classics from bac in the days to all the new classics up and present !!

    • mostly into watching bios and shows like snapped, where u ladies jus lose it, lol. i luv my oldschool jump offs like ''good times'' and my dude, fred sanford !!! not into the reality tv shit 2 much because 1st. of all its mostly ,if not all of it.. (staged)... i try to stay on top of present news and it jus me, or do anyone else feels like everytime you blink its sumthin crazy is goin down.. ( like the world is comin to an end or sum shit ) ?...but hey, maybe its jus me...who knows (lol)

    • im a donald goines fan and also iceberg slim, if anyone of you knows who those cats are then your up on real game !!!.

    • football, basketball, pool, boxing and "no limit poker" !!

    • seeking and finding more ways of wizdom and intelligence !

    • my best features are whatever you see that you like !! , ''real talk''

    • whats happ'nin, ''Im dee''..Im looking (4 THOSE WHO ARE ON THIER GROWN WOMAN) who likes being in the presence of good company, hanging out enjoying yourself and having a nice time !! when u have the time 2 spare. Me myself, im down 2 earth and a good listener with a good heart. If your anything like me ?? that means you enjoy getting cuddled up with the lights down low to some quiet storms and possibly something mellow to drink to complement the music, or even jus chill to a favorite movie ??.. i can adapt to any setting thats right for that particular moment !!