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    Arthritis is a major cause for concern, particularly so when it affects young, earning members of a family It can occur in people when they are in their best years. This not only affects them, but their family, friends and work, colleagues as well, Quality of life plummets, income can fail and treatment is regularly needed. SYMPTOMS: Pain and stiffness are early symptoms. 1. They usually start in the morning and last for about five to 10 minutes and decrease as the day progress. *2. Start-up- pain -- pain after inactivity that goes away on movement are early signs. 3. Mild swelling. TIPS: Have a diet rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D and vitamin C. Calcium does not prevent arthritis, it allows the bone beneath the degenerated surface to resist deforming forces / Keep your self fit. Engage in some sort of physical activity at least three to four times a week . This will keep your weight in check and also strengthen your muscles, which in turn helps slowing down arthritis progressi

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