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    March 7, 2017



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    • Aphelion Cycles Timeline These are the halcyon days of Aphelion: named so for the eternal orbit of the spirit, a journey in which we are always at the beginning.1962 Aphelion Cycles began as a search for an ideal: the perfect bicycle, every element balanced and tailored specifically for the avid cyclist. Eduardo’s was a man with a dream.A visionary, a tinker, an inventor.Armed with creative inspiration, Eduardo made it his lifelong mission to build the perfect bicycle. It was an endeavour that fulfilled, enriched and ultimately consumed his life.Each part, each element of the original Aphelion prototype was made by hand; each spoke set into the wheel the perfect balance of symmetry and mechanical perfection. The goal was to achieve the perfect ride – a cycle so finely tuned that it could practically propel itself.