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  • aimee d


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    Butterfly Fantasy

    im a grown ass time 4 your fucken games........if u really want a good ass lady.......please show ur intrest......

    January 23, 2007



    Caucasian/White, Hispanic/Latino



  • About Me

    • hip hop rap r&b old school

    • scareface

    • i'm ready 2 stop playing games. i'm ready 2 find that 1 person, that i can give all of me 2. i'm ready 2 fall deep in love. i'm ready 2 b happy. the only thing i don't want or need, is anymore dissapointment!! if u think u b that dude 2 stand by my side then get at me.

    • my sense of humor

    • pool cards cars darts and a real ass dude

    • having my kids live a better life than i did!!