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  • Abdulghanii

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    Actor & dialect coach in movies

    December 29, 2006



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  • About Me

    • Slow>> my email addres:-

    • Romance

    • the doctores

    • theatre & NLP

    • marathon

    • directing&acting in theatre

    • to achive my aims when I give the smile to all the childs in the world

    • I prefer lecturing in Fine arts College when I am with my students that give me enthusiasm to create new idea in Theatre then help him to recognize theatre and directing techniques.

    • I participate in many Theatrical Festival in the world :- 1:- Hems International theatrical Festival for children In Syria as a director in my performance (Little frog and moon). 2:-The Arabic sixth Theatrical Festival in Egypt as a director in my performance (the skull). 3:-Al-Hadbaa Theatrical Festival In Mosul Iraq as a director in my performance (the skull). 4:-Al-Lathiqiya Festival for Monodrama theatre in Syria as a director in my performance (The Skull). 5:- the sixth College of Fine Arts Theatrical Festival as a director in my performance (Hamlet). 6:- I participate as actor in many Theatrical performances in college of Fane Arts

    • Be strong enough to face the world each day.& Be weak enough to know you cannot do everything.

    • في لحظه تشعر بأنك شخص في هذا العالم. بينما يوجد شخص بالعالم يشعر بأنك العالم بأسره ** إذا أحبك مليون فأنا معهم..وإذا أحبك واحد فهو أنا.. وإذا لم يحبك أحد..فأعلم أني مــت

    • انقر على الفديو الذي بجنب مسرحية الجمجمة وشاهد مشهدا من ريموت كونترول...سيشارك العرض في مهرجان مونت لورير الدولي في كندا ممثلا عن العراق بعد ان تم اختيار العرض من قبل اللجنة العليا المنظمة للمهرجان في كويبك كندا والمسرحية من تأليف واخراج عباس عبد الغني