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Announcement: TAGGED RULES

1.  Members are not allowed to attack members with the…

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Dec 22, 2009 3:49pm

Announcement: Please read before posting

Any member is allowed to post, however, please review topic…

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Dec 21, 2009 8:03pm

ALL Add Requests Go Here Please

  Add me first, Don Les [MPA] [OG] {WOMW}.  …

187 ☪ ♒΃ã♏♒ thanks owner DELETED DELETED Dec 21, 2009 8:05pm

who wana be my mafia families???

let's go kick some ass :D

5 PaulMac ♚R~P♚thks my new owner ☮ل∀ֆᘻᏐƝ€♥69™ ☮ل∀ֆᘻᏐƝ€♥69™ Jun 20, 2011 3:27am

MW need guidance

Im still new at this MW tagged so any experience player can…

1 ♔ツ є√ɨℓζѺuℓ™ ♔ ℙє₮§ & ♏Ш ƒᎡɨᎬɳᎠς ♔ツ ♔ツ є√ɨℓζѺuℓ™ ♔ ℙє₮§ & ♏Ш ƒᎡɨᎬɳᎠς ♔ツ ♔ツ є√ɨℓζѺuℓ™ ♔ ℙє₮§ & ♏Ш ƒᎡɨᎬɳᎠς ♔ツ Apr 4, 2011 7:22am

? end game

i am at level 234. no more jobs are there nothin…

1 Barco B Barco B Barco B Mar 23, 2011 5:59am

New Game Enjoy it !! Mostley Mafia Wars

1 DJ Kaynn DJ Kaynn DJ Kaynn Feb 12, 2011 5:44pm

Need dirty cop

Any one knows how can I get some dirty cops? I need some fo…


Join my Mafia on Facebook

My Mafia Business is now conducted on Facebook. Friend me @…

1 SevenTP7 SevenTP7 SevenTP7 Aug 26, 2010 5:49am


MAFIA WARS FACEBOOK !!!   Add me !!!   dan.752009…

1 Daniel Daniel Daniel Aug 20, 2010 2:40pm

Mafia Wars Still Working

When in Tagged go to:…

1 Marc F Marc F Marc F May 5, 2010 7:04pm

Are you fucking kidding me ???

"As a result, we regret to announce that Mafia Wars will n…

5 M.R@Shah Daniel Daniel Apr 6, 2010 9:48am

What The Frak is Going On

Did U also get The Notice That Tagged is Going to No Longer…

2 DELETED Mel M Mel M Apr 8, 2010 11:37am


  This is the original best-selling mafia guide that h…

1 CHUY CHUY CHUY Apr 7, 2010 2:24am

HELP!! What is up with Mafia Wars?

For me it has been all screwed up for 2 or 3 weeks...what i…

2 DELETED DELETED DELETED Apr 2, 2010 7:37am

Mafia Wars to close by May 1st. Join us at our new home

Well team it looks like Mafia Wars will close here. Now I k…

2 DELETED ""BAM Breana J"" ""BAM Breana J"" Apr 2, 2010 11:40pm

Friends with me level 244

I am a very active player with level 244.. Lets add me and…

4 DELETED DELETED DELETED Jan 16, 2010 3:22am

TPG Gloc Excalibur and TPG Gloc Predator permantly hitlisters

If anybody collect in the future bounties from these low le…

1 Christoph M Christoph  M Christoph M Mar 18, 2010 6:45am

ADD me in your mafias :)

add me plzz

3 DELETED A.V.~D3str0~.D.H.M A.V.~D3str0~.D.H.M Jan 23, 2010 2:36am

add me

add me

8 DELETED DELETED DELETED Feb 18, 2010 2:01am

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