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  • MrHollaOut


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    Super Professional Night

    I am the Big BaDDD Wolf! Seeking Squirters Only... The one woman who can protect me from the nastiness of Atlanta, while making me her personal whore-

    November 10, 2006







  • About Me

    • Almost all music.

    • Usual Suspects, Godzilla, 300, Transformers

    • Empire, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, American Horror Show, Person of Interest, Power, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, almost anything on the History Channel

    • 48 Laws of Power, The Prince, The Art of War, The Tale Tell Heart

    • FOOTBALL, cricket, baseball, basketball, wrestling, Olympics

    • Food, City exploration, being a geek, confident women, music, relaxing

    • Become the best at what I do.

    • Everything about me. All of my faults and errors combine with my positive affects and make me awesome.

    • I'm a geek stuck in an old jock's body who does NOT believe in monogamy. This doesn't mean I'm trying, or wanting, to fuck every woman I know or meet. I am a man who has many female friends and that is what they are. Friends. No one competes for my attention because I belong to no one. We have fun. Whatever we desire. I am single because it is less stressful to be single. I am not looking for a relationship or to settle down.