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    "Be careful what you wish for.. Because it just might come true"

    March 22, 2007





  • About Me

    • I like All kind of songs except old twangy country

    • I own a lot of movies Drama, Historical, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Action!

    • For Me there's really nothing on the TV anymore

    • Murder mysteries,True stories based on history events, romance novels & things that friends write! !~~

    • Football, Karate..I ROOT FOR THE UNDERDOG!

    • I have many interests usually runs with the seasons ~ Best done with that special someone, And will try most anything.

    • My favorite dreams are ones that make me wake up smiling in the morning ..oh yeah that smile!

    • I'd say my loving forgiving heart &my "MIXED" Hertiage~ Irish, Spanish, Native American ~ For it truly has taught me to see & love people for themselves..

    • *********************************************** Common asked questions: Are are single? YES.. 1) Smoke: NO!! ~2) Drink: Yes-Once in a great while ( mixed drinks) ~3) Curse: NO, I am human so I can slip up ~4) Shower or baths? YES I prefer baths ~5) Like thunderstorms: Yes, I have it on a sound machine next to my bed ~6) Dance in the rain: Yes, and I am a really good dancer ~7) Sing: Yes on stage many times ~8) Play an instrument: Yes all percussions ~9) Wish on falling stars: Yes every chance I get when I see them ~10) Believe in fate: Yes &No, I believe you also can make your own fate as well! ~11) Believe in love at first sight: Yes

    • *********************************************** 1) Have parents that are alive: YES my mother whom I love dearly and NO, my father died Dec.10, 2011~2) Have siblings: YES 1 older sister~ who is a better person than I am 3) Have you been married: YES, 2X ( 1st divorced, 2cd widowed) ~4.) Have kids: YES, grown & living on their own ~5) Want more children: Only IF they come with someone who has them already that’s cool ~6) Do you work: YES full time. ~7) Have you ever been convicted of a crime: NO ~ 8) Do you have piercings: YES ears pierced Multi and a tattoo, small butterfly

    • *********************************************** *I THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know me. I am here as I said FIRST for Friends, (the Dating part) I am not pressed into dating because I'm busy, working, family, etc and the Serious Relationship part~ SOMEDAY.

    • *********************************************** 1) I don't cyber, cam or live chat, don’t bother to ask me too.2) Don’t ask me to email outside of tagged, I am meeting you on this site I type you on this site. 3) Don't ask me for my phone number we are strangers. 4) DON'T post porno nude ' DOING IT' pics or “XXX porno” pic and comments or tags! 5)The fastest way for you to become a person who is NOT of ANY interests to me is too disrespect me with vulgar or XXX postings and XXX emails, and ignore what I just posted here! 6)I am here as I said~ Because I am interested in different people, cultures, daily life’s, etc ~I am single, not married and not dating anyone. Just here for friendship for the moment, nothing more. NO hookups, sex etc