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    "Be careful what you wish for.. Because it just might come true"

    March 22, 2007




    Caucasian/White, Native American, Other


  • About Me

    • I like All kinds of music except old twangy country

    • I own a lot of movies Drama, Historical, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Action!

    • For Me there's really nothing on the TV anymore

    • Murder mysteries,True stories based on history events, romance novels & things that friends write! !~~

    • Football, Karate

    • I have many interests usually runs with the seasons ~ Living life one day at a time!......On here for Pets and friends , nothing more!

    • My favorite dreams are ones that make me smile in the morning .. And to be totally happy in all things!!

    • I'd say my heart ~ It has taught me to see & love people for themselves..

    • *** Common asked questions: Are are single? YES.. 1) Smoke: NO!! ~2) Drink: Yes-Once in a great while ~3) Curse? NO and don't like to be around swearing

    • *********************************** THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know me. I am here just to be a Friend, Even tho I am single, I am not dating because I'm busy, working, family, etc ~ MAYBE SOMEDAY.

    • ******** 1) I don't cyber, cam or live chat, don’t ask .2) I don't email outside of tagged and I won't call you either .. we are strangers, so don't ask me too. AND For ANY OF YOU out there that send sexually oriented comments or tags, it's not appreciated. I'm not on this site looking for sex OR THOSE THINGS.. So, please don't send them. Thank you so very much for you're understanding. Best regards, DEBORAH

    • **** 1) PARENTS.. my mother whom I love dearly is alive my father who i miss so much died in 2011 ~2) SIBLINGS: YES 1 older sister 3) Have you been married: YES, 2X ( 1st divorced, 2cd widowed) ~4.) KIDS: YES, grown ~5) Do you work: YES full time. ~ 6) Do you have piercings: YES ears pierced Multi and a tattoo, small butterfly